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The roots of Bosch Baha’i School extend deep into the heart of northern California. The story begins in the small village of Geyserville where, in 1927, distinguished Baha’is John and Louise Bosch gave their extensive property to the Baha’is of the United States for use as a center of Baha’i learning. Between 1927 and 1973, “Geyserville Baha’i School”, as it came to be known, developed into a gathering place for Baha’is and their friends, where programs on various topics of religious and social themes were studied and discussed. In 1973, following the news of the imminent construction of a highway through the property, the Geyserville Baha’i School was sold and the funds used to purchase property in the mountains above the coastal town of Santa Cruz. In honor of John and Louise, Bosch Baha’i School was dedicated on July 13, 1974. 

Today, Bosch Baha’i School serves approximately two thousand people per year from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, who share the common goal of examining the forces shaping our society and our role in contributing to its constructive transformation.  Programs vary in length throughout the year—from weekend seminars from September through May to week-long programs and sessions for children, youth and families during the summer.