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Long-term Volunteer Service

Benefits of BYSC Long-Term Service for youth 18-25

The service program:

  • balances study with action
  • affords opportunities to connect with like-minded youth and adults from across the country
  • assists with identifying personal goals for spiritual growth
  • promotes group study with peers
  • supports school operations enabling guests to experience distinctive Baha’i environments and develop capacities to better serve their local communities
  • allows for community skills development including organizing Feast and Holy Day events, conducting home visits, and supporting local teaching efforts which may extend to tutoring study circles, teaching children, and animating junior youth groups
  • provision of  room and board; additional financial support may also be requested

Serving within the sometimes fast-paced school environment can be challenging requiring both physical and mental stamina. Applicants are required to provide proof of physical health and medical insurance coverage.

How to apply:

Download the application and send to Note: Three references are required. See the top of the form for reference options and directions.

Processing includes interviews and generally takes 4-6 weeks from the date application and references are received.

Additional questions? Contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at 847-733-3565