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Paid Positions

Inquire with the Human Resources Office at the Bahá'í National Center by writing to . To apply for a position, please send your resume and a cover letter to

Intern Positions for Graduates

Interns will serve at one of the Bahá’í schools for one full year and each school has an opening for two interns per year. The National Assembly will provide you with room and board along with a modest bi-weekly salary. Each school offers a living experience within a distinctive Bahá’í environment and opportunities to connect with a diverse number of staff, guests and presenters.

This program will provide self-motivated youth with the opportunity to gain work experience at a Bahá’í school AND have hands-on, capacity-building experience serving in the registration section or the bookstore. In addition the positions allows you space to research and practice the application of spiritual principles to vocational endeavors, assist you in elevating your personal skills and prepare you to contribute to the world-wide effort to infuse all walks of life with the harmonizing influence of spiritual insight. The interns report to the member of schools' administrative team responsible for coordination of BYSC.

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Assistant Program Coordinator for Activities

Assistant Program Coordinator for Activities will assist the Program Coordinator in the implementation of programs held at the school, especially afternoon and evening activities.

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Hospitality Assistant

The Hospitality Assistant assists with all aspects of hospitality to guests, primarily in the area of housekeeping.

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Food Service Assistant

The Food Service Assistant assists with all aspects of operation of kitchen and dining rooms.

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